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Andover Chantry Centre features new pop-up shop

Next week, a fresh pop-up shop will be greeted by Chantry Centre.

Ugly Duckling’s furniture initiative, which coincides with the World Mental Health Day, will start up for shop on Thursday the 10th of October. Located south of Boswells, the store will display reused and restored furnishings given to the venture, in the previously occupied Toucan Travel Unit.

The store will also provide professional assistance, mental health and dementia information and guidance. The pop up will be open until the new year, and the new easy-to-use, occupancy agreements for future tenants will take advantage of the Chantry Centre.

Debra Ramchurn, CEO of Andover Mind said: “We are delighted to be able to work with Test Valley Borough Council and the Chantry Centre management to enable us to bring Ugly Duckling’s products to the Town Centre. It is a great opportunity and all the money we make from sales will go back into the project to pay for running costs. We are also pleased to be able to offer an accessible advice and information hub for mental health and dementia in the heart of the community.”

Leader of the council, councillor Phil North, said: “I am thrilled that the Chantry Centre will shortly be welcoming such a great addition to the town centre. The project is of a real benefit to the community and it’s fantastic that Test Valley Borough Council’s introduction of pop-up tenancy options have been able to facilitate this move.

“This is the sixth fresh company that started in Chantry Centre, since the government bought it previously this year. It’s the time for employees to come out and watch the innovative way they can find unwanted furniture.

If you are interested in a popup shop at the Chantry Center, you can contact us on+ 49 (0)1264 368000 or email

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